Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Why Indians Should Study English 

When India became free, there was a demand from several quarters that English should be banished from our land. It was the language of our rulers and was therefore a painful reminder of our slavery. However with the passage of time we have grown less intolerant. Experience has taught in that English is a much our language us that of the English.

We are living in a world which is well inter linked. No one can live as a frog in the well. If anything happens in one corner of the world it is bound to affect us. In this world of globalisation we have to interact with people of other nations and cultures. English being the most popular language is the best medium to communicate. We have to be aware of all the world events. English is the greatest window for in to look at the world outside.

Luckily, this language is no stranger to us. Our contact with it is now tow hundred years old. We shall have therefore, not much difficulty in winning its appeal. Countries like Africa are importing teachers to teach English, but fortunately we have a large number of teachers to fulfill our requirements. It we were ever to abolish this language, it will not only mean starting afresh but we would also be throwing away a jewel.

English is a language which embraces within its happy fold all the priceless treasures of science and technology, art and literature. Science is developing very fast and without this language India would not find it easy to keep herself abreast of the latest trends and discoveries. In literature, the translation from English has enriched our language and it will be the height of ingratitude to exile this mother who has helped us in so many ways. For all these reasons it will be wise and prudent for Indians to study this priceless language.


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