Saturday, October 01, 2016

My Idea of a Happy Life

We all wish to live a happy life. But few can tell how to get happiness in this world. Experience teaches us that unmixed happiness is not a thing of this world.

In my opinion a happy life means that life which is free from cares and worries. This freedom from worries cannot be obtained with a lot of money. It can be obtained by habit of mind. Many people worry about small things. Many of us worry about the future and the trouble that will come. However mostly these troubles never come.

Money is a necessary thing but it is not the only thing that will keep us happy. So many millionaires spend sleepless nights. I want enough money for my normal expenses but not excessive money. Health is wealth is a famous quotation and I full subscribe to it. A healthy body and a healthy mind is essential to keep one happy. A sick man can never be happy. He will want to die rather than to live in misery. A healthy person can work hard and sleep well. He can eat well and enjoy all the good things of life.

I want to possess only those many things that I need for myself. I know that many numbers of things cannot make a man happy. The more things a man has, the more he wishes to have. He is never satisfied. A content man only can be happy. Midas, with all his gold was a sad man while a goldsmith is happy with his small earnings.

To be really happy, a man should lead a truthful and honest life. He should help his fellowmen and love them. A man loved and respected by other is always happy. To be guide by love in all the action is the key to happiness. We should love and fear God. We should love faith in him and pray to him.
Thus we see that a happy man is he who has enough to eat, who enjoys sound health, is contended leads a truthful and honest life and has faith in God. Such is my idea of a happy life.

The Pen is Mightier than the Sword

“If I get sword, I shall kill thee, Oh my mighty master! But if thou gives me a mighty pen, mightier than the sword of Alexander, I shall keep thy name immortally fresh” thus said Bismarck to his teacher Father Roader.

The controversy whether the sword is mightier than the pen or it is the pen which can overwhelm the sword, has been decided straight through. Now it has been established universally that the power and significance of the pen are much more than that of the sword. With the exception of certain foolish people, there is none in the modern world who would advocate the supremacy of the sword over the pen. Of course, in the good old days, when might was right, people did prefer the power of word to that of the pen.

The history of mankind bears written to the fact the power of word, in the long run fades into insignificance. Great and mighty conquerors like Alexander, Caesar, Nero, Timur, Babar and many others could not retain the short lived glory, which their conquests had given them. Of course, so long as they lived, they did maintain their fame but after their deaths the were regarded as murderers and blood spiller of the common people for their personal gratification. Even to this day they are condemned as enemies of peace. On the other hand the great heroes of the pen. Homer Shakespeare, Milton, Firdausi, Tagore to name a few, who gave new enlightenment to the world are remembered with adoration and respect. The great intellectual conquests, attained by these mightily heroes of the pen, can never dwindle into insignificance. In an age where violence in being abhored peaceful coexistence is the new mantra, the pen will always be mightier than the sword.


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