Monday, October 17, 2016

Ram Manohar Lohia Hospital,
Civil Lines,
August 10, 20….

The Superintendent of Police,
I beg to bring to your kind notice that constable No. 67-M misbehaved with me yesterday near the Grain Market. I was returning from the hospital and had stopped at the Grain Market in order to make certain purchases.

It so happened that at the Gandhi Nagar crossing a cyclist was negotiating a turn to his right when the lights went off owning to breakdown of electricity. I was just following him. I slowed my vehicle and saw that the constable was beating the cyclist. I told him to stop beating him. Thereupon, he abused me and even charged at me. I went back toward my vehicle and thus saved myself.

Later in the day, I gathered that the constable was a drug addict. He is in the habit of misbehaving with the people. He also teases young girls and flings remarks at them. A shopkeeper in the Main Bazaar tells me that the constable extorts money from innocent farmers who come to buy seeds from the Grain Market. 

I hope you would take up the matter seriously. Kindly warn the constable to behave nicely towards the public in future. It will be appreciated if this constable is sent back to the police lines for a refresher course in traffic regulations and public dealing.
I remain,

Yours faithfully,
Rohit Sanayal.


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