Friday, October 14, 2016

A Bad Workman Quarrels with His Tools

There is ample truth in the saying that bad workman quarrels with his tools. A bad students who fails in the annual examination will like to lay the blame of his failure at the door of those second hand books which his father bought for him and which do not contain, as he himself puts it, up-to-date information. He may also attribute a part of the blame to the environment of the house which interfered substantially with his concentration on the studies. But he will be the last person to hold himself responsible for the failure.

He has an ego and the demand of the ego is that he should not confess his own fault and limitation which, in themselves, are responsible for his failure or loss. Similarly, if a radio machine is incapable of finding out the defect in your radio setting it right, he will postpone the issue by saying that he has not with him then the proper has to handle or test same parts of the radio.

Men with a little beauty are haughty and vain, they are always trying to conceal their shortcomings from their friends or customers. On the other road, a really learned and wise man never quarrels with his tool, never puts the blame for his own failure on other factors with a view of hiding his faults and limitation. He is polite and not in the best show, if he cannot handle a job, he will lose no time in telling you that his is incapable of performing the job and that you should better hire the services of some more competent head.


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