Wednesday, September 28, 2016

Our Principal 

Mr. Rai is the principle of our college. He worked as lecturer in Economics at Govt. Collage, Sujanpur before he went to England for higher studies. He got his degree of Ph.D. and returned to India. He was promoted as principal as principle and posted at Govt. College, Amaravati. He is 52 years old. He is tall and handsome. He is active and smart. He is hard-working, painstaking and co-operative with the members of his staff. He teaches his subject well. He takes one period of M.A. Part II class and devotes the rest of his time to office work. He plans his work and keeps an eyes on accounts matters. He takes a round of the college almost daily in the morning. He believes that a teacher should be true to this or her duty. He has a rough exterior and a heart of gold. He is a fine speaker. He has written many books. His paper ‘ Macro Mining’ was published recently in a reputed journal. He has attended many seminars on education and his valuable suggestions have been put into practice. He has due regard for his colleagues. They hold him in high esteem. He is prince among persons. He knows his job well. He is the captain of his team, a leader of his group, a guide and guardian to his students. In fact, he is the pivot on which the entire institution revolves. We are proud of him. May he continue to guide the destiny of our college !


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