Thursday, September 29, 2016

My Mother

“The hand that rocks the cradle rules the world.”

I am very fortunate in having a very kind and loving mother. She is very affectionate and considerate. She has a heart of gold in her. She gets up early in the morning, takes bath and says her prayers. Then she starts her daily work. She cooks food, washes clothes and does all other household work with her own hands. She does everything with a smile. She keeps the house in a tip-top condition. Our drawing room is the pride of our house. She has done all the interior decoration herself. She knows the art of pickling and preserving sauces, syrups and squashes. She teaches us table manners and social etiquette. She never puts on a wrinkle who our friends visit and re-visit us. She keeps the entire house in a proper trim. She is very economical manager of the house. She prepares the family budget very carefully. She is also good in the art of shopping. She is loving mother, a devoted wife and a dependable friend. She plays a great role in directing, guiding and controlling the entire household and the members of the family. Everyone of us carries a deep imprint of her personality. She is really a great character. May she live long to guide  and fondle us!


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