Saturday, September 24, 2016

S.I. Mehra,
Arya Nagar, 
August 25, 20..

The Manager,
Life Insurance Corporation of India.

 Dear Sir,

I would like to have a life insurance policy for myself. I want to know the different kinds of policies which are offered by the LIC. I learn from the various advertisements put up by LIC that a very large number of LIC schemes are now available for prospective buyer. Some of these schemes are meant for children only. I would like to know all the pros and cons of these schemes. I would also like to know about the schemes related to the mutual funds (e.g. the Future Plus Scheme of LIC) where one can have quick returns. Please send me the necessary literature or depute your agent who can discuss the matter with me. I also want to know as to which policy will be suitable for me. I am a salaried man and a central government employee.

I shall feel grateful if your agent contacts me on any Sunday before lunch hours. He can give me a ring at 2264756 before coming.

Thanking you,
Yours faithfully,
S.I. Mehra.


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