Wednesday, September 21, 2016

A Visit To A Circus

Last month, the Apollo Circus Company visited our city. They pitched their tents at an open place outside the city. Soon, the circus became the talk of the city. One evening I, along with my friend, Rakesh, went to see the circus show. There was a great rush at the booking window. We managed to get seats in the gallery. A group of players was entertaining the spectators with light music. As the show began, all the artists and circus animals came forward and introduced themselves to the audience in their own way. An elephant stood on his hind legs and greeted everyone. Other animals also came forward to greet us in different ways. As they left, swings of ropes became the object of interest. It was nice display of fun and trick. At once, the lights were switched off. The artist jumped from one swing to another, changed side and performed a number of tricks. Now came in the arena a group of elephants. They performed the Ganesh Pooja before they climbed a wooden staircase one by one. Now some dogs came and played football. Their feat was lost in the noise of children. Next came a group of cyclists who displayed a wonderful control in their vehicles. A girl cycled over a taut rope. Then came the horses, monkeys and bears. They played wonderful tricks. Next, the lions and tigers put up a good show. We saw the lions jump through ring of  fire. At long last, we saw a motorcyclist racing round the Dome of Death. As he went up and down in a big iron cage, our hearts came in to our mouths. After each item, two jokers came forward and amused the audience with their tricks. The circus clowns made the spectators laugh every now and then. Our visit to the circus was very delightful.


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