Friday, September 23, 2016

A Street Scene

A street quarrel is an object of common interest. It starts over a trifle and sometimes leads to serious consequences. Everybody, young or old flocks to the site. Some people try or old flocks to the site. Some people try to add fuel to the fire for cheap entertainment. Last evening, I was returning from the market. As I entered the lane I live in, I heard a hue and cry. At first, I could not make out the cause of all that was going on there. I then gathered that it was all over stray kite. Some teen-aged boys were flying a kite in the park nearby. Two grown up boys came there and took away the kite. The other boys ran after them. A small boy slipped over a banana peel and was hurt in the leg. His mother came out and began abusing the boys and their parents. More women poured in the street. They used sticks and shoes. There was a regular fight. An old man tried to pacify the warring groups. He received a blow on his head. He was rushed to a nearby clinic and was given first-aid. The police came on the scene and rounded up a few men. A city father came there. Then matter was hushed up. Thus the street quarrel took a serious turn. It created a panic in the locality. It took at least one month for things to gain normalcy. Street quarrels should be discouraged. Elderly people should not become a party to a street quarrel.


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