Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Sleepless Summer Night

One works during the day and sleeps at night. One night I could not have a wink of sleep. It was the night of June 21 last. It was very close during the day. I could not enjoy my afternoon nap as I was busy. I was tired. So I went to bed early at night. Suddenly, it became very hot. I lay tossing about in the bed in the open courtyard. I was disturbed and could not sleep. No wind was blowing. The table fan seemed to work but it gave no wind. My tongue was parched. I got up and went to take water at the municipal tap. The water was boiling. I began moving to and fro. The night became hotter and hotter. I heard voices of people In the street. They were all complaining against the weather getting hotter and hotter. I became restless as I had not slept during the day. I took my cot on the roof of the house. The wind was not where to be found. The sky looked to be a burning sheet. I lay in the bed. I tried to sleep but in vain. I brought a bucket of water and sprinkled water on the bed. It gave me some relief but sleep was out of question. I began looking at the stars above. Time passed heavily. I began marking time. Half of the night had already gone. At last, I heard the cattle pass by. The wall clock struck five in the morning. I left the bed and went out for my morning walk. I took my bath outside at a well. I came back home rather spent out. It had been a horrible summer night whose memory still torments me.


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