Friday, September 23, 2016

A Scene In Front Of The Examination Hall

The day of examination comes like the judgement day. Almost everybody is afraid of examination. Even Jesus Christ once said, “O God, do not put me to test.” It was the 7th of April, last year. I was to appear in the subject of English in the +2 Examination. I started moving towards the examination hall. As I reached the school gate, I was joined by my friend, Umesh. We stood there for a while and started looking at things around us. Nervous faces and hurried steps passed by us. Some students could be seen revising their lessons in the lawn in front of the examination hall. Some other students were discussing expected questions nearby. We had brought nothing to read or revise. So we tow kept standing near the examination hall. At intervals, some class fellows came to us, spoke a word or two and passed by. A strange kind of anxiety was writ large on the faces of students. Even brilliant students were not ready to disengage themselves from the books and notes they had brought. It is rightly said that one who goes to the examination hall with bang comes out with a whimper. For a moment I felt a shudder go down my spine. Soon I collected myself and was lost in my own world. In the meantime the bell started ringing and like stricken goats, the students started moving towards the examination hall. Each one was trying to locate his or hell Roll Number in the seating plan displayed on the notice board. We too were lost in the multitude.


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