Friday, September 23, 2016

A Scene In Front Of A Cinema Hall

A scene in front of a cinema hall is quite interesting. Cinema continues to attract the people even in these days of television and DVD players. There is a lot of hustle and bustle in front of the cinema hall before the start of the movie. Film fans go to see the first show on the very first day a particular movie is screened at a theatre. One enjoys a film on the T.V. set all right but seeing a film in theatre is all the more enjoyable. Young boys are girls in colorful clothes visit the cinema house in a holiday mood. When a new film is released, there is a great rush of film-lovers before the portals of the cinema house. The walls of the cinema house are found littered with cine posters. The cinema house itself is tastefully decorated with multi-colored flags, poster and paintings. Before the film starts, the film fans look at the advertisements of the latest films. The whole atmosphere in and around the cinema hall is charged with joy and excitement. The stalls attract a great rush. Hawkers, crying at the top of their voice, try to sell their wares. Pickpockets and eve-teasers try to create trouble for the cinema authorities. The policemen on duty try to control the situation every time there is a trouble. Outside the cinema hall, rickshaws, bicycles and motor cars can be seen in a large number. As the cinema bell goes, the film fans rush in. All the glamour walks in and a clam descends on the scene for about two hours.


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