Sunday, September 25, 2016

A Rainy Day

India is a land of varying seasons. Summer, winter, spring and autumn, all fill the circle of the weather in India. Summer is extremely hot in this tropical country. Rains, however, bring the much desired relief. A rainy day in summer is really sought after by one and all. The sun shines too bright in the month of June. Hot winds keep blowing throughout the day. Thick layers of dust remain suspended in the sky for days. Men, animals and birds look towards the sky for days together. The 21st of June last was perhaps the hottest day of the season. It was very hot in the afternoon. The sky above burnt like silver. All of sudden, the clouds gathered in the sky. A cool wind began to blow. At first, it started drizzling. It was followed by a heavy downpour. The thirsty earth began to absorb rain water. Children came out of their houses and they exposed their sun-baked bodies to welcome shower. Soon, it began raining in torrents. All the streets, lanes and by-lanes were flooded with water. People could be seen wading through knee-deep water. Rickshaw pullers made money even for a short ride. It rained for full one hour. At last, it stopped raining. The water started receding. The weather became cool and pleasant. Plants and trees wore a new look. The sky resounded with the chorus of warbling birds. A rainbow in the sky added extra charm to the pleasant weather. People went out to enjoy the fine weather. It was thus a good riddance from the scorching heat of the sun. a rainy day in summer is blessing.


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