Wednesday, September 28, 2016

A Journey By Train

A journey by train undertaken in a pleasant mood reads like a lively chapter of life. More so, when one is placed in a good company, it leaves long echo behind. Last September, we had to attend the marriage of my cousin. My uncle had arranged the party in the Ashoka Hotel. The bridegroom, a mechanical engineer from Tata Nagar had expressed his desire for a brief but elegant party. We had to reach Delhi in the morning. We chose to travel by train. We reached the railway station about half an hour before the arrival of the Janata Express. We bought the rickets and came at the platform. As the train arrived, passengers waiting at the platform started boarding it. There was a great rush in the compartment chosen by us. It was with the help of the coolie we had hired for the luggage that we got seats in the compartment. Luckily, I got a seat near a window. When the train started, the confusion and noise seemed to end. Soon it started gathering speed and I began looking outside. After some time, I started reading a book. My sister started dozing while our presents kept talking. It was a pleasure to see the trees,  houses, electric poles, bridges, etc. rushing backwards. The train stopped at small stations for a while and so it left behind one station after the other. At Ambala railway station, the stoppage was a longer one. We came to the platform and took tea. Suddenly, my eyes fell on my old friend, Suraj who was returning from Delhi after attending a week-long yoga camp at Okhla (Delhi). We talked a lot over a cup of tea and parted. At last, we reached Delhi in good cheer. I enjoyed myself throughout the journey.


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